My programs are running painfully slow – who is to blame?

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We hear this a lot – clients looking to solve why their programs are running so sluggish when accessed by their offshore team. There are additional complexities when relying on international connectivity. Your BPO and your onshore office might have the best possible connections when working locally (and both report that neither has experienced issues in the past) however, if … Read More

Five reasons why dropbox limits business

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When it comes to flexible storage solutions, nothing has made more of an impact than Dropbox. Having the privilege of watching many different companies and industries extract (or rather not extract) value from technology, I learnt long ago that you can’t argue with easy. People are screaming out for simplicity and Dropbox delivers that. With a few simple clicks you … Read More

Follow What Your Competitor is Doing Online.

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“Want to know how many website visitors your competitor is getting? No problem. How about their top keywords or top performing advertisement? That’s there too…”   Every now and then we’d like to shine the spotlight on a cool new piece of technology that’s going to help your business. It may be a physical product, web application, software tool… whatever … Read More

Welcome and meet the team!

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Offshore Outsourcing IT

Welcome to the Ready Offshore Blog! Our aim for this blog is to provide you with real life actionable strategies and case studies to improve your offshore experience and help you grow your business. We have been through the process of offshoring ourselves. We know what challenges lie ahead and our role is to provide you with business process and automation … Read More