Your offshore technology action plan in 30 mins, saving you time and money.

Technology is a key component in your success offshore. All of the time, effort and financial investment spent recruiting and training can be quickly eroded if you experience slow connections, poor quality meetings or compromised security.

Common threats to your productivity

How will you secure your information to protect yours and your client’s privacy?
What communication and collaboration tools will you use to enhance your training, build teamwork and break down the barriers caused by geographical distance?
Have you accurately identified and prioritised the tasks in your business that are ‘ripe’ for offshore?
How will you avoid the common connectivity issues that slow down productivity and plague your momentum?

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4 Steps to Ready Offshore

A Secure Reputation

Your clients will ask you what steps you’ve taken to protect their privacy and you need to answer with confidence. Understand what you can do to stay compliant and reduce your exposure to fraudulent, malicious or accidental misuse. We’ll assess and advise on the tools and methods you can adopt that will protect yours and your clients’ information while demonstrating due diligence to clients, insurers and other stakeholders.

Faster Access

You’re about to invest time and money into your offshore initiative. Don’t get caught reactive when your remote team members can’t work because your systems haven’t been optimised for global access. We conduct a connectivity test between your office and your BPO facility to optimise the international connections to deliver speedy results.

Effectively Communicate

You can’t expect to build a productive relationship if you can’t have a productive conversation. Reliable video, audio and screen sharing are the simple musts to take the frustration out of your meetings so you can delegate with confidence. We’ll provide the trade insights on cost effective configurations, applications and hardware to ensure meeting rooms and computers are setup for effective and seamless cross-shore collaboration.

Training Done the Easy Way

Your time investment in training is the biggest one you will make. Using the right techniques, you can have 10X the impact with less work. Learn the simple techniques and tricks you can adopt to get more from the time you spend. We’ll advise on working practises and applications to make the time you spend training your new team members as effective and efficient as possible.

Avoid offshore frustrations – preparation is key!


What you will get?

After the meeting, you can expect a detailed action plan with recommendations for process improvement, IT and systems. It will also provide your BPO with a brief summary of your IT systems, so that they can be optimised accordingly.

Who should attend the assessment?

The assessment is an operations level consultation designed for the people in your team who will directly be working with your offshore colleagues. The session is not deeply technical and your IT staff are not required.

Ready Offshore specialises in technology that helps Australian firms succeed offshore. We’ve worked with hundreds of BPO providers and their clients. We understand what works, what doesn’t and how to find success offshore.

Our 4 step Offshore Technology Assessment is your fast track blueprint to success offshore.

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Our 4 step Offshore Technology Assessment is your fast track blueprint to success offshore.


Please enter your contact details to begin your assessment