Better Process and Technology
for global teams

Ready Offshore helps multi-site organisations and
remote teams improve process, share information and
collaborate effectively to get more done.

Theresa / Client Relations Executive // Manila

Dennis / Technical Manager // Brisbane

Improve Business Process

Better workflow and automation to streamline process.

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Enhanced Teamwork

Remove global barriers through dynamic collaboration.

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Better Information Sharing

Faster secure access and easy to find information.

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Globally Optimised IT

Plan for international connectivity, call quality and remote server access.

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FREE Offshore Strategy Session!

Enquire now for your complementary strategy session via telephone or skype. Rest assured, this is not a thinly disguised sales pitch. Our offshore strategy session is a no-fluff, zero-nonsense opportunity for you to ask any questions you have around how process and technology can improve your outsourced team and get straight answers.

Yes! I want to know how to make my offshore team more productive.

IT Experts.

Our specialised team offer a unique understanding of offshore service providers, international bandwidth and latency challenges and the systems which operate best in these scenarios. In most cases, it’s not possible to extend your current IT set up to your offshore team. You need a specific strategy in place that deals with the complexities of international teams. More about Global IT.

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Our Difference.

Benefit from our exclusive combination of both your IT platform AND business process improvement: delivering accountability, clarity and focus. This combination is a rarity yet holds so many advantages for business. More about the team…

High Performance.

Our team has the Business Application expertise to boost the profitability of your global team using real time performance metrics so you have a deeper understanding of your individual staff, teams and projects. Develop simple and complex workflows, centralised tasking systems, real time dashboards and never manually produce another report again! Tell me more…

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Team Integration.

Ready Offshore has a greater understanding and knowledge of the cultural differences of a global workforce so you can overcome challenges before they arise. The team have over 10 years experience helping multi-site companies and remote teams work more effectively. Tell me more…

Are you ready to launch your offshore team?

Take the Offshore Readiness Test: our FREE assessment of your current technology landscape. Get an honest, no obligation review of how internationally compliant your systems and technology is for global connectivity. Avoid the risks associated with moving you information offshore.