Are you aware of the privacy and cyber security implications offshore?


Can you answer the following?

What mechanisms do you have in place to stop staff from logging into your cloud based applications from home or sharing access with others?

Can you terminate access quickly in the event that someone leaves?

Are you able to monitor usage by application? (Eg, Team Member X logged into application Y on this time and date)

Do you distribute multiple sets of credentials to various systems or applications? How do you manage this?

Have you taken any due diligence measures regarding offshore staff having access to client information?

Would your reputation be damaged in the event your company or client information was to enter the public domain?

The #1 perceived risk to offshoring is around security and privacy of information. How will you answer these questions when your customers and stakeholders raise it?

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Whether the misuse is fraudulent, malicious or accidental, taking the right preventative steps to protect your business and reputation is the first thing you should think about when engaging remote teams.

Ready Secure eliminates these concerns by providing a simple to use console putting you in control.

Ready Secure locks down your private information.

Providing a central point of managing a single set of credentials per team member. This ‘single sign-on’ accesses all of yours and your client’s systems, making login quicker and easier to remember, while allowing management to remove access in an instant.
Locks down access to your systems from your BPO only, preventing logins from uncontrolled computers or sharing of credentials to third parties.
Provides granular logging of access so an audit trail can be kept.
Implements a password policy whereby passwords need to be complex and changed regularly.
Allows you to distribute controlled access to your systems without having to make remote team members privy to your system passwords.

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