You’re excited by the vision on an offshore team and looking to gain that competitive edge, but… your processes need work and your workflows are non-existent.

Is this you?

  • You’re ready to start building your offshore processes but you’re looking for the right strategy and execution.
  • You’ve already hired offshore but your processes are letting you down. The team are frustrated and busier than ever training new people whilst patching the mistakes.
  • You’re well on your way to offshore success, but to really scale, you’re looking to go that extra step with the help of an experienced offshore team.

Common Business Problems

  • We’re using ineffective tools like excel and dropbox to manage information which is both time consuming and inadequate.
  • Our systems and processes are very manual. Not only is it time consuming and prone to human error, I can’t access important information when I need it.
  • Our files and training materials are a mess. We can’t find anything and there are duplications being created. Our systems are very unsophisticated.
  • There is friction between my onshore and offshore team because of the quality of work we are getting back, but I feel it’s because our systems and processes aren’t prescriptive enough.
  • Staff are frustrated, constantly busy with low level/manual work.
  • Reporting is laborious and doesn’t capture the data required to make decisions or give you insights into your offshore performance.
  • Management rely on key people to keep the balls in the air. We need a repeatable process that anyone can follow.
  • Poor process is causing errors, returns and rectifications. It’s having a negative impact on our business.

Ready Offshore’s Solution

  • We identify the bottlenecks that are preventing your offshore and onshore team from achieving your goals.
  • We evaluate your time intensive, paper hungry processes through workflows and automation features to streamline processes.
  • We build accountability and traceability in processes so you remain in control. How many documents have been processed today? Has that proposal had sign off? Where is that task up to? Plus alerts back to managers and more.
  • We help you create 1 – 100 (or more) workflows covering the simple right through to the complex. Plus have the ability to create unique ‘once off’ workflows.
  • Ready Offshore help you monitor the performance of your onshore and offshore teams, departments and individuals through quick glance dashboards; create snapshots and data views to garner insights about key metrics; and easily generate updates for stakeholders on the progress of tasks and projects.
  • Our team help you catalogue and organise all of your files so that they can be more easily search for, based on subject matter, author, date etc just like your iTunes library, with granular controls on file access and security.
  • Our construction allows multiple team members to edit documents at the same time and builds accountability and traceability into processes.

10 Reasons why Ready Offshore is different from other consultants

  • Our skilled business analysts and developers go way beyond creating document libraries and workflows and handing over the keys. We formulate a strategic direction for technology that supports your vision and removes constraints.
  • Our proven workshop and interview techniques get to the core of your people, data and process needs and offshore goals.
  • Our offshore team design a ‘roadmap’ solution with established milestones that ensure you’re kept in the loop on our progress and you have the opportunity to provide feedback along the way.
  • We take responsibility for the project returning value. Far from a ‘dump and run’ approach, we take an active role to fully embed any new system.
  • We have a greater understanding and knowledge of the cultural differences of a global workforce so you can overcome challenges before they arise.
  • Boost the profitability of your global team with real time performance metrics creating a deeper understanding of your individual staff, teams and projects.
  • We offer ongoing support, with teams in Australia and the Philippines.
  • We have more industry experience, over 10 years and counting!
  • We offer a free complementary strategy session that delivers real standalone value and is not a thinly veiled sales pitch. Get straight answers from the experts who have gone offshore themselves and know the opportunities and challenges.

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