Are you looking to benefit from an offshore team but know your business processes need attention? Are your IT systems optimised for global access?

Ready Offshore helps Australian companies use business process and technology to gain a competitive advantage with global sourcing.

Is this you?

  • You’re excited by the vision of utilising a global workforce. You’re going to smoke your competitors with more scale, flexibility and margin… you’re just looking for the right strategy and execution.
  • You’ve already begun your offshore journey but you aren’t getting the maximum value from your investment.

Common Offshore Business Problems

  • Your business processes are mostly inside people’s heads and you know you need to have them documented.
  • You need confidence in your IT systems to optimise the productivity of your offshore team.
  • You need workflows and a centralised task management system to keep track of work status and progress. You feel there is a lack of visibility and control over your processes.
  • You’re still using inefficient ‘work around’ programs like excel as your key information management system which is slow, time consuming and ‘dated’.
  • You’re on version 6 already (for that workflow, procedure manual, training video etc) and you don’t want to waste any more time and resources trying to ‘get it right‘.
  • You want better ways to measure the through-put of the business – to gain transparency and insights on the performance of your teams, individuals and projects.
  • You’re just ‘getting by’ by using drop box and folders to store files which is inadequate and time consuming. You can never find anything and there a multiple versions floating around. There has to be a better way!

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone. Technology moves at an incredible pace and many are struggling to keep up with the latest widgets and gadgets promising to make life easier. Plus you don’t have the time or resources to investigate then evaluate their merits. You want actual improvements that are going to deliver REAL value for your business.

10 Reasons why Ready Offshore is different from other IT Consultants:

  1. We offer an exclusive combination of both your IT platform AND business process improvement delivering accountability, clarity and focus.
  2. We have a greater understanding and knowledge of the cultural differences of a global workforce so you can overcome challenges before they arise.
  3. Our team have a unique understanding of global internet service providers, international bandwidth challenges and the systems which operate best in these scenarios, taking the costly ‘trial and error’ methodology away from your business.
  4. Our expert business analysts formulate a strategic direction for technology that supports your vision and removes constraints.
  5. Boost the profitability of your global team with real time performance visibility creating a deeper understanding of your individual staff, teams and projects.
  6. We offer a roadmap approach with established milestones that ensure you’re kept in the loop on our progress and you have the opportunity to provide feedback along the way.
  7. We see you through the entire process and provide ongoing support post delivery.
  8. We don’t charge up front for a proposed future value.
  9. We have more industry experience, over 10 years and counting!
  10. We offer a Free complementary strategy session that delivers standalone value and is not a thinly veiled sales pitch. Use our form on the right of your screen to arrange your FREE session.

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