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Offshore Outsourcing IT

Welcome to the Ready Offshore Blog!

Our aim for this blog is to provide you with real life actionable strategies and case studies to improve your offshore experience and help you grow your business. We have been through the process of offshoring ourselves. We know what challenges lie ahead and our role is to provide you with business process and automation help and advice; move you to a globally optimised IT environment; enhance teamwork and training through dynamic collaboration; help you with better information sharing between your onshore and offshore teams; embed internationally compliant systems and technology plus deliver performance metrics and information to drive productivity.

Every now and then we’d also like to shine the spotlight on a cool new piece of technology that’s going to help your business. It may be a physical product, web application, software tool… whatever it is, we think it’s good enough to share with you. We know you are busy, so if there is a gadget or widget out there to make life easier/improve productivity/save you money/ reach more customers… then we want our customers to know about it.

Have you met the team? Read about our credentials here.

Have you got a burning question? Want to know more about a particular topic? Then please get in touch. We are always looking for new blog ideas and we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our Marketing Manager, Stephanie via email: Stephanie.wallis@freshmethod.com.au for all enquiries.

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Entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Jamie launched his first IT company at the age of 25. He’s worked with companies all over Australia, Britain and the Philippines. Now he enjoys helping multinational companies succeed offshore.