3 tips that have the greatest impact on your offshore training within the first few months.

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In all the excitement of creating a new offshore team, sometimes the issue of knowledge transfer (AKA training) is overlooked or underestimated in it’s effect on your success. The transfer of knowledge relates to training new team members and ongoing shared learning between staff members. When training is done well, the time investment you make in your new team members … Read More

We are often asked – What is the best way to create process?

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The promise and opportunity of gaining a competitive advantage through profitable scale offshore is proven. However, the reality is that only 50% of Australian SME companies realise success offshore. The dream of a more scalable workforce and an extended capability are not without risk. Most discussions in the offshore planning phase are around people, geographical locations and BPO providers. It’s … Read More

Successful offshoring is not about picking up entire roles and moving them offshore.

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Until recently, the concept of offshoring has been the domain of the large enterprise. This becomes evident when you begin hiring and a key insight that anyone offshoring quickly realises. Offshore team members are accustom to working for very large organisations, where they typically have one or a very limited number of tasks that they do repeatedly. Consequently, the talent … Read More