Preparation is key to your success

The next steps in your on boarding process is to schedule an Offshore Technology Assessment with one of our IT Consultants. This short 30-min assessment of your current technology ensures your team enjoys a smooth experience from day one and puts your team on the right trajectory for success.

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What is an Offshore Technology Assessment?

Technology is a key component in your success offshore. All of the time, effort and financial investment spent recruiting and training can be quickly eroded if you experience slow connections, poor quality meetings or simply not preparing your systems for secure global access. This assessment will arm you with the tools and information needed to be prepared and productive from the start. It also helps your BPO optimise their systems so that they are compatible for your specific applications and systems.

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The 5 Point Assessment Covers



We’ll assess and advise on the tools and methods you can adopt that will protect yours and your clients’ information while demonstrating due diligence to clients, insurers and other stakeholders.


We conduct a connectivity test between your office and your BPO facility to optimise the international connections to deliver speedy results.


We’ll provide the trade insights on cost effective configurations, applications and hardware to ensure meeting rooms and computers are setup for effective and seamless cross-shore collaboration.


We’ll advise on working practises and applications to make the time you spend training your new team members as effective and efficient as possible.

Your Offshore Technology Assessment will be performed by a specialist Offshore Technology Consultant who has direct experience working with hundreds of Australian firms operating in the Philippines, just like yours. The service is a mandatory component of your on-boarding process to ensure any hurdles are identified and addressed early. It’s your best opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into what technology works, what doesn’t, and how to get your firm on the right trajectory offshore.

Who should attend the assessment?

The assessment is a business level consultation designed for the people who will work directly with your new remote team members. It is not a deep technical discussion. Therefore, your IT staff are not required to attend.

What you will get?

Following your assessment with our offshore expert, you will receive a detailed report outlining any potential areas for IT improvement and proposed best practice solutions. It will also provide your BPO with a brief summary of your IT systems, so that they can be optimised accordingly.

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